If you like traveling off the beaten path or having a beautifully styled home with the perfect vintage touches, AND you like to save money, then keep reading because guess what … I DO, TOO! And I love to share all of my tips and tricks with you such as where to stop and eat when you’re driving up the coast of California, what to take with you to shop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, or how to decorate for the holidays on a small budget and using what you’ve already got!

But let me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Andrea, aka Legal Miss Sunshine, I live in sunny Los Angeles, California and I started the lifestyle blog Legal Miss Sunshine after making DIY projects and traveling and countlessly exclaiming, “Wow, I should put this on a blog!”

But let me explain the name … before the crafting and road trips, my days used to be filled with law books and highlighters. In 2010 I started law school and my husband and I started dating. A year into law school, he proposed. And then, right after I took (and passed!) the California bar exam, we got married. And then I was supposed to find a job. But, I never did find one. Why? Because I really wasn’t looking. I didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I didn’t want to wear a suit every day or argue in front of a judge in court. And I didn’t want to raise (future, hypothetical) kids while working 50-60 hour weeks. Life’s too short, you know?

So now I live the life of a freelancer. I’ve started my own event planning business, The Party Task Force, and I’ve continued to run my two Etsy shops, Legal Miss Sunshine and Legal Miss Sunshine Wedding, I’m renovating my in-law’s new house, and everything else I do goes on the blog: road trips, Disneyland tips, vacations, DIY projects, flea market, and thrift store finds, holiday decor, confessions of my picky eating, my wedding, blog law tips (aka blawg tips), and the little things I see here and there that make me happy.

And I hope you find something here that inspires you! I hope you plan that trip up the coast of California, I hope you cross “shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market” off your bucket list, and I hope you don’t spend an arm and a leg decorating for the holidays or a party …unless it’s for Halloween and you’re literally buying an arm and a leg, and even then you better be buying them at the 99 cent store!

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