Understanding the Two-Stage Effects of Medical Cannabis

Have you ever observed that although ingesting a single dose of an edible might make you feel relaxed and content, consuming three times the recommended amount can lead to paranoia and anxiety? If this describes your experience with medical cannabis, it’s because its effects are two-phased. When using medicinal cannabis, differing doses of cannabinoids like CBD and THC provide contrasting […]

THCV – The Uncommon Cannabinoid Many People Don’t Know About

The cannabinoid THCV is gaining popularity among both scientists and cannabis consumers. Although its medicinal potential is intriguing, this chemical is extremely uncommon and only found in trace concentrations in some cannabis strains. Can we expect THCV to gain as much traction as CBD and THC? Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is related to THC, but it has a unique effect. To get […]